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Brussels is still bent on ensuring that Britain somehow loses out

OUR hearts go out, really they do, to the Eurocrats apparently now downcast over the prospect of us leaving the EU with no trade deal. But what did they expect?

It is incredible after all this time to see Brussels still bent on ensuring that Britain somehow loses out, so fixated are they on deterring others from ­abandoning their club.

They are still making patently unreasonable power grabs even their europhile fans struggle to defend. They still want newly-independent Britain to surrender full control of our fishing waters. To agree economic restrictions to prevent us undercutting them and keep us under their thumb.

They simply must change the record if they’re genuinely worried about the potential hardship of us trading on WTO terms — and them copping the blame. No objective person will fault Britain for sticking to its guns on principles so fundamental.

Michel Barnier won’t get his way. He and those pulling his strings seem strangely unable to digest that the Theresa May regime is gone, that voters threw out the Remainer Parliament and installed committed Brexiteers instead.

We do agree with Barnier that negotiations seem dead in the water and a “no deal” looks nailed on. But the blame for the lost jobs, there and here, will fall squarely at Brussels’ feet.

They are wedded to impossible demands no sovereign nation could meet.

NO ONE relishes nervous parents being punished for keeping kids off school. But if that is the impetus they need as a last resort to conquer their Covid fear, so be it.

Normal sanctions must apply once schools go back, as even Labour agrees they must. The five-month hiatus has been a disaster for many kids’ education and mental health and widened further the gap between state and private schools.

It is vital that we also maintain calm perspective if the virus does break out in some schools, as it inevitably will.

Too many are terrified simply by an uptick in cases. But they only really matter if they result in hospitalisations or deaths. And those are now extremely rare — even more so among the young.

Medics are certain schools are safe.

The damage done by keeping kids off will vastly exceed the tiny threat to their health.

THEY say no good deed goes unpunished.

That’s especially so when councils employ jobsworths who revel in their power to dish out fines.

Imagine seeing thoughtful nurse Lydia Farrell giving away apples, then deciding she was littering. 

Real fly-tipping soared during lockdown. There are plenty of genuine offenders officials could target.

But it’s always the low-hanging fruit.

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