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Brothers claim they’ve found an Area 51 base hidden in rural South Australia

A pair of aspiring filmmakers are working to prove a secret ‘Area 51’ base is operating off a remote highway in South Australia.

Eerie sirens and mysterious bursts of light have been witnessed by locals living near a military base 80km north of Adelaide and in the nearby town of Parham.

The Port Wakefield Proof and Experimental Establishment carries out weapon and environmental testing for the Navy, Army and Air Force. 

Often weapons are tested by being fired over the surrounding beaches. 

But a pair of anonymous filmmakers are convinced the site is more sinister and are in the process of filming a documentary to expose what kind of ‘testing’ goes on at the base.  

Twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou, who have more than six million followers on their YouTube channel RackaRacka, became aware of the documentary and decided to visit the site themselves. 

The brothers and a group of friends spent a night camping in Parham and soon found themselves being told to leave by security as strange sirens filled the area.

Locals told the group the sirens and lights only came on during the day to show ‘testing’ was going on.

The Philippous’ said they’d visited the areas 20 times and had heard the sirens on every occasion both during the day and after dark.

In one video shared to the brothers’ YouTube channel, the group are seen walking down a beach before a line of lights stretching across the sand flicker on.

‘These lights go red when they’re experimenting and when they’re red you’re not allowed on the beach,’ Danny says.  

In videos shared as snippets by the filmmakers for their documentary, Parham residents describe hearing large bangs and the mysterious sirens at random times of the day.

One truck driver said while driving towards the military base one night, five balls of flashing light appeared in the sky. 

The driver who delivers packages to the site said he often lost connection with other truckies on his way to the area and he had to stay in his truck at all times.

‘There’s a lot that I don’t think people know about it,’ he said. 

Several other mysterious phenomenons have been witnessed in South Australia over the years.

On September, 28, 2016 the whole state was plunged into darkness during a blackout following severe weather.

The Flinders Ranges also made headlines for bizarre occurrences in 2006.

John Teague was pumping up his car’s tyres when he saw something as big as a baseball flying through the sky.

‘I thought it was a flare. It was the colour of mercury and had a tail and there were sparks coming from it. Then it seemed to break up and disintegrate,’ he told the ABC at the time.

The US Space Command said there had been no satellite scheduled for that time and the CSIRO, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Australian Airforce didn’t know anything about it. 

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