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Brits bonk more than rest of Europe – new survey names us sex kings

RANDY Brits are Europe’s sex champions – according to a saucy survey that puts us ahead of the pack.

We get lucky in the bedroom 12 times a month, with romps typically lasting 19 minutes.

Germans are runners-up on 11 with French flops bottom of the bonk league with just two sessions a month.


Almost 3,000 Europeans in relationships took part in the study by

Editor John Pentin said: “The EU should be worried.

“With Brexit they are going to lose the best-performing sex country in the whole continent!

“And it dismantles the myth of the Latin countries which come out very poor from it.”

Most lovers – 27% – prefer getting intimate in the morning after waking up.

Just over a fifth – 21% – enjoy it just before going to sleep while 15% admit it is “usually under the influence of alcohol.”

“It dismantles the myth of the Latin countries which come out very poor from it” editor John Pentin

Below is the league table with the number of monthly romps: 

UK – 12

Germany – 11

Netherlands – 9

Belgium – 9

Romania – 8

Portugal – 8

Austria – 7

Slovakia – 7

Italy – 4

Spain – 4

France – 2

Earlier this week, another gloomier study revealed that sexual enjoyment decreases as we get older.

Tesearchers from the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) surveyed 4,500 post-menopausal women in the UK on their sex lives.

It found how intimate relationships, health and physiological factors affect sexual intimacy and satisfaction in post-menopausal women.

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