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Britons shun foreign holidays amid quarantine chaos

Britons are shunning international travel sending holiday prices plummeting as more nations are put on the UK’s quarantine list.

The cost of holidays to quarantine-free Turkey and Greece has plunged by 28 per cent on average while a week-long trip to Italy has halved in price, comparison website Travel Supermarket found.  

Experts fear the last-minute introduction of quarantine in various countries could be to blame for Britons avoiding overseas trips.

Hotel Leftis Romantica, a three-star spot in Corfu, will cost just £305 per person for a five-night stay, including return flights.

A trip for the same duration to the Kalypso Studios & Apartments in Kavos costs even less, standing at £295 per person.

Delfi Hotel & Spa in Bodrum, Turkey, costs just £408 per person and includes breakfast.

The cheapest trip of all, however, would be a five-night stay in three-star Colony Hotel in Rome costing just £155 per person – and includes flights.

A source told The Times: ‘Operators are clearly starting to “price dump’ seats”.

‘Given the situation we are in, any revenue is good revenue.’ 

France was this week added to the UK’s quarantine list in a savage blow sparking chaos for an estimated 500,000 British holidaymakers in France.

The quarantine came into force at 4am this morning forcing families to make a last-minute dash across the Channel from France.

One couple forked out £1,000 for business class Eurostar seats while another drove for 12 hours to get home.

One mother was forced to leave two of her children behind with her husband when she fled France on the last Eurostar train.

The woman – who had to return to the UK before quarantine began due to her job – was only able to get tickets for herself and her baby.

She now fears her two daughters – who will return on Monday – may not be out of quarantine when their school goes back.

The woman, who did not provide her name, told Sky News: ‘This has completely ruined our summer. I don’t know what I’m going to do now. I am so upset about this.’

Others were forced to charter a fishing boat to make it home on time. The Dunedin Consort – a musical ensemble from Scotland – wrote on Twitter: ‘Au revoir France! As exits from concerts go, this one is quite unique. We’re sailing back to the UK on a fishing boat overnight to beat the quarantine.

But some people weren’t as lucky. Alexis Walmsley from Basingstoke missed the last Eurostar train meaning both she and her disabled son now have to quarantine.

She wrote on Twitter: ‘So near and yet so far. Reorganised my return from France to ensure my disabled son didn’t have to quarantine but our TGV was so delayed we are going to miss the last Eurostar home.’

She added: ‘Made new booking for me and my disabled son (who won’t understand quarantine) from Avignon to Paris for the Eurostar. 

‘We’d have made it home but for a massive delay at Lyon. Now I don’t even know where we will sleep tonight.’

There are also fears that the new rules will cause thousands of children to miss the start of the school year as pupils who do not return to the UK by Tuesday night will still be self-isolating at home when the majority of schools go back on September 2.

But with limited capacity on flights, ferries and the Eurotunnel, many will have no choice but to stay in France – or pay high prices for some of the remaining tickets.  

Some tourists had less time to avoid quarantine after the Scottish and Welsh governments demanded the rules be introduced a day earlier. 

Meanwhile, France is likely to impose to impose tit-for-tat quarantine restrictions from Monday for people arriving from Britain, meaning British travellers will have to self-isolate on arrival there too.

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