Britons have urged Truss to scrap all EU talks and start over.


Britons have urged Truss to scrap all EU talks and start from scratch.

After Brussels called Liz Truss’ threat to trigger Article 16 “unhelpful” and “unsurprising,” Britons have urged her to rip up all Brexit deals with the EU.

Should a “negotiated solution” on the contentious Northern Ireland Protocol not be reached, the UK’s Foreign Secretary said she was “willing” to use “legitimate provisions.”

The EU’s ambassador to the UK, Joao Vale de Almeida, retaliated, saying it was unhelpful to “keep agitating the issue,” adding that the bloc was not surprised by the threat but “we are not too impressed.”

He said the focus should be on “trying to find solutions for difficulties in the implementation” of the agreement rather than on triggering Article 16 of the protocol.

However, Britons have reacted angrily to the EU’s latest warning, urging Ms Truss to rip up the Brexit agreements with the bloc and abandon negotiations.


“It is clear that the UK cannot have a relationship with the EU where the EU does not try and gain control of our laws through alignment,” SanjayP raged in response to our initial story.

“In light of this, the UK government should acknowledge it, state it publicly, and terminate the WA, NIP, and TCA, as well as the fishing agreement.”

“Start with a clean break, and then the UK and EU could reach an agreement based on mutual respect and recognition at the appropriate time.”

“WTO would be acceptable as a long-term solution if that were not the case.”

“WTO was always the best way to go,” a reader added.

Several other readers urged Ms Truss to invoke Article 16 of the protocol, a safeguard that could result in the suspension of large portions of the deal.

“It has become clear that the only way forward is to invoke Article 16,” Patricia wrote.

“The EU will never engage in good faith negotiations.”

They’ll always want to have a stranglehold on the United Kingdom.”

“Just get the trigger pulled and let the chips land where they may,” another reader grumbled.

“The EU has had its day.”

If talks with the EU continue to stall, Ms Truss has stated that she is willing to unilaterally override parts of the post-Brexit Northern Ireland agreement.

When she meets with European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic on Thursday, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said she will make “constructive proposals.”

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