Britons are upset at the EU’s “backstabbing” as they support Polexit, saying, “Stick to your values.”


Britons are upset at the EU’s “backstabbing” as they support Polexit, saying, “Stick to your values.”

As a legal impasse between Warsaw and Brussels deepens, Britons are asking Poland to follow the UK out of the European Union.

The EU has given Poland until August 16 to comply with a European court finding that its judicial changes are unconstitutional.

It could face stiff sanctions from Brussels if it refuses to comply.

However, Poland’s Justice Minister, Zbigniew Ziobro, retaliated, accusing the EU of “blackmail” and threatening that Poland will not remain a member “at any cost.”

He accused the European Court of Justice [ECJ] of having a “colonial mentality” because it ruled against Poland from Luxembourg.

Readers of this page pushed Poland to follow Britain’s lead and leave the EU.

“Poland is dominated by Russia, Germany, and now the EU,” one person wrote.

“It’s time for Poland to break free and join forces with the United Kingdom.

“There will be no dominance, only trading partners and allies in times of adversity and war,” said one. “I hope Hungary and Poland both exit the EU.”

“It is quite evident that the EU is not a trading bloc; rather, it is a federalist organization that seeks to create a truly federal United States of Europe in which EU law completely replaces Polish or Hungarian legislation.

“In my opinion, Poland and Hungary are at a fork in the road and must make a decision.” A third remarked, “More blackmail from Brussels!”

“They tried to do the same thing to us with Brexit over Northern Ireland. Don’t give up, Poland! “Do it Poland – just ‘do it,’” wrote a fourth. The EU and Polish opposition parties claim that Warsaw’s judicial reforms harm Poland’s rule of law.

They are demanding that they be dropped, and that the political and judicial sectors be kept apart.

During an interview with the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita, Mr Ziobro retaliated.

“I am strongly opposed to giving in to the EU’s illegal extortion, which is being carried out through the ECJ,” he stated.

“If we consent today to the ECJ’s illegal diktats in areas where it has no jurisdiction, the ECJ will publish a ruling tomorrow requiring Poland, for example, to allow gay marriage and the adoption of children by such couples.

“At any cost, we must fight to maintain our autonomy and status inside the EU.

“Poles will lose out on EU membership if this does not happen. As a result, we should be in, but not at any cost.” Poland, and a few others. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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