Britons are flocking to green-list countries, causing holiday bookings to skyrocket.


Britons are flocking to green-list countries, causing holiday bookings to skyrocket.

After the government loosened restrictions on key tourist locations, travel companies were cashing in on “enormous demand” from tourists keen to get away yesterday. As sun-starved families rushed to book summer vacations in France, Spain, the Balearic Islands, and Portugal, others said their phones were “ringing off the hook.”

Bookings to France with easyJet nearly doubled in the hours after the Government removed restrictions on many popular sites, according to the Daily Express. However, the decision to put Mexico on the blacklist caused havoc yesterday, as travellers realized mid-flight that they may face thousands of pounds in quarantine fees when they returned to the UK.

Distressed vacationers are scrambling to make “arrangements to return home” before the rule changes take effect at 4 a.m. on Sunday.

On Wednesday, Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps gave the green light for many people to plan last-minute vacations.

Fully vaccinated newcomers from France will no longer need to self-isolate, he stated. The green list was expanded to include Austria, Germany, and Norway.

Major transportation hubs such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates were also removed from the red list, allowing fully-jabbed vacationers to book long-haul flights once more.

“We expect for these rules to continue in place until August, barring something really unforeseen,” Mr Shapps added, “so people can just go away and enjoy their breaks, see family and friends, or travel on business.”

Since Wednesday, phones have been “ringing off the hook,” according to a representative for Brittany Ferries.

“There has been a big rise in interest and bookings,” they claimed. There is now some positive news and certainty, which is a silver lining to the terrible clouds that have been looming over us.

“We believe a large number of second homeowners, as well as last-minute vacationers, were waiting to book.”

Bookings to green and amber list locations increased by more than 250 percent after the regulations were relaxed, according to new data from and Jet2holidays.

“It is no surprise to see a rapid jump in bookings to places on the green and amber lists, as we know there is great demand out there from holiday-makers,” said the company’s CEO, Steve Heapy.

The addition of the Green and Amber Lists has given customers more confidence and the ability to book.

“With customers still being able to.” Brinkwire Summary News


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