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Briton, 48, is killed in a motorbike smash in Cambodia

A British expat has died in a motorbike accident after plunging into a canal in Cambodia. 

The 48-year-old man missed a bridge while riding his motorcycle ‘at speed’ and his body was later found in the water by two other motorcyclists. 

The man had been living in Cambodia with a Filipino wife, it is believed. 

The accident occurred on the road to the resort of Teuk Chhou in the city of Kampot in southern Cambodia.   

The body of the 48-year-old man was found near the motorbike in the water of the canal on Wednesday evening. 

Local media says two men had parked their motorcycle to urinate near the bridge when they saw the British man’s bike in the water.

They then asked others to help search the area and the group then found the man’s body face-down in the water.

They picked him out of the water and placed his body on the bank of the canal before calling the local authorities. 

The body was taken for a post-mortem, which found that the man had been driving his motorbike at high speed when he missed the bridge, according to Cambodia News English. 

There were no witnesses to the accident.

Local authorities said the British man had a Filipino wife living in the Teuk Chhou district of Kampot Province. 

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