British van and trailer drivers are bracing for a £660 charge to enter the EU as a result of Brexit.


British van and trailer drivers will be charged £660 to enter the EU as a result of Brexit.

From May 2022, British drivers entering the EU will face yet another Brexit fee.

To bring a van or a large car trailer across the border into the EU after Brexit, an additional license will be required.

Van drivers in the UK will need an international goods vehicle operator license starting in May 2022.

Only those transporting goods for commercial purposes in a van or trailer with an authorised mass of more than 2,500 kg (2.5 tonnes) but less than 3,500 kg (3.5 tonnes) will be subject to the rule.

Drivers will pay £401 to apply for a goods operator license and an additional £257 to receive one.

The license must also be renewed every five years for a fee of £401.

Britons living in the EU have already been forced to exchange their UK driver’s licenses for one from their home country.

The UK government was forced to advise British expats that their licenses would no longer be able to be renewed in the UK and that they should “consider exchanging their UK driving license for an EU license.”

However, because driving licenses were not covered by the Withdrawal Agreement, which guaranteed citizens’ rights, each EU country ended up with a jumble of different rules and deadlines.

The British Embassy in Madrid confirmed earlier this week that Spanish authorities had extended the validity period of UK driving licenses for the third time.

As the EU’s funding allocation to Spain is reviewed, a civil war erupts.

Licensing talks are expected to “conclude as soon as possible,” but are “not there yet.”

“We are pleased to let you know that the Spanish Government has today confirmed the extension of the grace period during which you can drive in Spain using a valid UK licence until the end of February 2022,” the UK Embassy in Madrid wrote on Facebook.

Since the United Kingdom formally left the European Union on January 1, 2021, Spain has granted the most recent extension to UK license holders.

Their UK-issued documents were no longer recognized by the EU framework at the time.

However, in yet another post-Brexit snub, the new two-month grace period does not apply to UK license holders who live in Spain and have registered their intent to extend their time to do so.

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