‘British people are free, but we are in a frenzy!’ Covid’s rise is bemoaned by Germany’s largest newspaper.


‘British people are free, but we are in a frenzy!’ Covid’s rise is bemoaned by Germany’s largest newspaper.

THE BRITISH ARE FREE, according to Germany’s largest tabloid, which has slammed Angela Merkel’s administration for its newest round of coronavirus restrictions.

According to Bild, Germany’s largest daily, the country is in the midst of a Covid “regulatory frenzy.” It comes after Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health handed the federal states its Covid plan for autumn and winter on Tuesday.

“Such a harsh lockdown as in the second and third waves will most likely no longer be necessary,” the ministry stated in the study.

Masks, on the other hand, would be required “until spring 2022,” particularly for public transportation and in stores, “for everyone, including the vaccinated and recovered.”

“A fourth wave is imminent – albeit (!) at a modest level,” the ministry stated.

“In addition to the increased introduction of diseases by returning vacationers, the population’s contact behavior is now gradually approaching that of the period prior to the pandemic.”

The virus would also be “seasonally increased” throughout the autumn and winter, according to the document.

Bild columnist Benedikt Weimer contrasted Germany’s warnings of possible lockdowns with the UK’s “celebrating freedom.”

He stated that in Germany, warnings were issued against the British’s “supposedly irresponsible policies.”

Mr Weimer cited SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach, who termed the openness on Twitter in Britain “epidemiological folly,” saw children and young people “at the mercy of the disease,” and hoped that Britain would quit this “unethical endeavour” soon.

Despite expert warnings, Mr Weimer highlighted that “it ended out extremely differently” for the UK.

“The corona drama never materialized,” he remarked.

“For weeks, the number of infections on the island has been declining. The Delta wave appears to have broken – and without the need for patronizing individuals to face a regulatory frenzy, as in Germany.

“The British rejoice in their independence!”

Despite a low incidence rate of 18.5 percent, the writer added, “Freedom Day” and “the end of the draconian measures are a long way off for us.”

It comes as Germany battles an increase in Covid cases due to the Delta variety.

Chancellor Angela Merkel warned in July that infection rates were rising at a “worrisome” rate and urged Germans to be vaccinated.

Germany reported 3,571 cases and 26 deaths on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Jens Spahn, Germany’s Federal Minister of Health, confirmed that all 1.3 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccines will be sent to the hospital. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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