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British passenger overpowered by cabin crew on Jet2 flight after he ‘hammered on the cockpit door’

A British passenger had to be overpowered by cabin crew on a Jet2 flight from Dalaman after he ‘started hammering on the cockpit door’ and forced an emergency landing in Corfu.

The aircraft was travelling from Dalaman to Manchester airport on Wednesday evening when the crew activated an ’emergency’ situation signal just one hour into its journey.

It was given permission to land at the Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport on the island of Corfu shortly after 8pm despite airports in Greece being closed to flights from Turkey amid the coronavirus crisis. 

The passenger, who was reported as British, had been drinking before he started screaming and banging on the door of the cockpit, according to state broadcaster ERT TV.

He was eventually brought under control by the crew with the help of some of the 220 passengers on board.  

Greek Police and Civil Protection officials had to consult with the National Health Care Organization EODY in order to decide how to proceed given the coronavirus restrictions.

It is thought that the disruptive passenger was the only person allowed to disembark before he was then arrested.

He was forced to take a test for Covid-19 and remains in isolation until the results are returned. 

It is likely that he will then be taken to prosecutor before being sent back to UK.

The aircraft was able to continue with the rest of its flight with a delay of 90 minutes. 

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