Britain’s worst woman peadophile Vanessa George could be freed ‘within days’

Britain’s worst woman paedophile Vanessa George could be freed at a parole hearing ‘within days’.

The child abuser, from Plymouth, Devon, was jailed for a minimum of seven years in 2009 after taking 64 pictures of herself harming babies and toddlers at the Little Teds nursery.

George, a qualified special needs coordinator, only ever gave scant details about her crimes to police, meaning her victims may never be identified.

The 49 year old is currently housed at HMP Send near Guildford, Surrey, where she will make a bid for release at an oral hearing before a parole panel this month.

In 2009, Mr Justice Royce handed George an indeterminate sentence with a minimum term of seven years – something parents branded a ‘joke’.

Although he argued he was handing her ‘in effect a life sentence’, several disgusted parents stormed out of court and one even lunged towards the dock and threatened to kill her.

Mr Justice Royce said at the time: ‘You gave parents who entrusted their children to your care everyreason to believe they would be safe. 

‘How grossly did you abuse theirtrust. What you did plumbed new depths of depravity.’ 

He added that the trading in abuse images was ‘wicked, cold,calculated, repeated offending which for any decent person defiesbelief’.

Mr Justice Royce ruled that she would be released only if she no longer posed a threat.

George, Blanchard, and Angela Allen, another member of the paedophile ring, have received £133,990 in legal aid so far, reports the Sun on Sunday.

Earlier this year, her ex-husband Andrew told friends he fears that the mother-of-two will ‘manipulate’ the panel which decides her fate. 

Her two daughters have publicly disowned her. 

A spokeswoman for the Parole Board told the Sun: ‘An oral hearing has been listed for the parole review of Vanessa George and is scheduled to take place in May 2019.

‘A panel of the Parole Board will consider a range of evidence before making its decision. This will be done with great care and with public safety the number one priority.’


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