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Britain’s ‘worst house’ full of rubbish and bottles of URINE after tenants used it as ‘one giant bin’

BRITAIN’S “worst house” full of rubbish and bottles of urine after tenants used it as “one giant bin” has finally been cleaned up.

The house in Bury, Greater Manchester, had “waist-high” piles of rubbish inside.

It took seven hours for four cleaners to remove the waste, filling three industrial-sized vans.

Senior Waste Removals owner Warren Senior said the property was the “worst house we’ve ever seen”.

Mr Senior said his cleaning team struggled to even get inside the house because the mountain of rubbish inside had blocked the door.

“It’s the worst house we’ve ever seen in five years of doing this, and we’ve done some nasty jobs,” he told the Manchester Evening News.

The house’s landlord told Mr Senior that the property was “quite bad”.

Mr Senior said: “I’ve got quite a strong stomach and I’ve never not wanted to go in and price up a job, but it took me five minutes to gear myself up and get inside.”

The cleaning boss said food wrappers, bottles, cans and flies covered the floor of the home’s front room.

He said: “Someone was actually living in that property a week before. There were bottles of urine around the place that had just been left there.”

As Mr Senior’s team cleaned up the house, they made another filthy find – spotting a nest of around 20 mice.

He said the previous tenants had “used it as one giant bin”.

All up, the job cost six times more than the average for Mr Senior’s team.

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