Britain will be quarantined if Lisbon refuses to approve the Indian-made AZ vaccine.


Britain will be quarantined if Lisbon refuses to approve the Indian-made AZ vaccine.

According to reports, Portugal is one of 13 nations that now refuse to accept AstraZeneca’s Indian-made vaccine doses.

The tourist hotspot may nevertheless ask fully-vaccinated Britons to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival because the vaccine made in India would not be recognized.

According to the Telegraph, the UK government attempted to explore a prospective rule change that would allow double-jabbed Brits to visit the popular vacation without having to isolate.

Tourists who have not been properly vaccinated with an approved jab must quarantine for 14 days upon admission, according to Portugal’s current coronavirus guidance.

The European Medicines Agency has yet to approve the Indian-made vaccine.

Each country in the European Union, on the other hand, is allowed to set its own entrance rules.

France and Croatia have lately been added to a list of EU countries that accept the Indian vaccination.

“Several member states have not yet decided their views regarding the correspondence of vaccines for the purpose of travel,” an EU spokesman told The Telegraph.

“We will publish a list of matching vaccines on the ReopenEU website as soon as they have done so.”

“If the vaccine is good enough to be licensed for use in the UK, we need to see the Government pressing these nations to accept UK tourists who have received it,” said Paul Charles, CEO of travel consultant The PC Agency.

In the meantime, due to an increase in coronavirus infections, limitations for British tourists in Spain have been strengthened.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) responded by issuing new travel instructions for Britons.


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