Britain will be lashed by thunder and hail tonight before spring sunshine arrives

Britain is set to bask in a blanket of heat today, with spring sunshine sending temperatures soaring towards ice cream melting highs of 75F (24C) across the country.

Although much of Britain will be hit with a frosty start today, it will soon make way for highs of 66F (19C) and possibly an optimistic 68F (20C) across south west England and Wales, with most areas expected to enjoy bursts of hazy sunshine as a high pressure system sweeps across the country.

The soaring temperatures will continue to climb as the week progresses, with highs of 73F to 75F expected to arrive to the country by Wednesday and temperatures in Glasgow expected to reach 72F, bringing a smile to those seeking to break out the sunglasses. 

Brits abroad will be missing out, as lower temperatures hit the continent in places including Ibiza, where highs of 73F are predicted, and Barcelona where highs of no more than 64F are expected. 

The spring weather will also see the UK’s temperatures surpass those in the popular tourist destination of Athens where temperatures will reach 73F by mid-week and Rome which will only see a high of 64F on Wednesday.  

High pressure is moving in from the Atlantic to ‘settle things down’ this weekend, and for a good part of next week, leading to better weather once tomorrow’s showers are out of the way. 

Saturday night into Sunday morning will likely see light winds, clear skies and a cold night across the country. 

‘Gardeners beware’, Steven Keates, of the Met Office, warned, as frost is set to appear in rural areas and most places ‘outside of town’ into Sunday morning. 

Sunday is looking like a ‘lovely day’ for many of us – light winds with lots of sunshine around, with a little bit of cloud building through the day. 

‘It might just be thick enough to squeeze out the odd shower across eastern England’, Mr Keates said, but that will be the exception.  

‘All in all, not a bad day, Sunday – definitely the best day of the weekend,’ Mr Keates said. 

Monday will be similar to Sunday, with a southerly breeze across the country, a little bit of frost, but once that is out of the way, ‘pretty much a dry day nationwide, lots of sunshine around’, though it will be a little cloudier in the far north west of Scotland.  

Coastal areas will be colder, and the nights will likely stay cool. 


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