Britain searches for aliens more than any other European country on World Paranormal Day 2021.


Britain searches for aliens more than any other European country on World Paranormal Day 2021.

According to new research, the United Kingdom conducts more internet searches about aliens than any other European country.

The discoveries arrive just in time for World Paranormal Day on May 3rd each year. The day encourages believers to gather and discuss their experiences with all things alien, with recent evidence indicating that many Britons are interested in life beyond Earth.

According to, the United Kingdom does more alien-related Google searches than any other European country.

Each year, Britons conduct 624,000 searches on aliens, averaging 1,710 queries every day.

France is second on the list, with 408k alien searches per year, 35 percent fewer than the UK.

With 372k annual alien Google searches, Poland comes in third, just behind France.

According to, the following are the most frequently requested questions concerning aliens each year:

What might an alien’s appearance be like?

How do aliens communicate with one another?

What exactly are aliens?

What happened to the aliens?

Why would aliens visit our planet?

Some of these searches appear to have been conducted by celebrities, as Robbie Williams has already stated that he believes in aliens.

The artist said in 2018 that a UFO once flew so close to him that he could have “struck it with a tennis ball.”

“I’ve seen one directly above me,” he claimed. I could have hit it if I had had a tennis ball out.

“I’ve witnessed a few unusual occurrences. I’ve had strange experiences that I can’t explain.”

People have been sharing their inexplicable encounters online in honor of World Paranormal Day.

“There are so many regarding a house on Majela in the city of Apple Valley,” one stated. Hearing old time music, people running, doors being pushed open/slammed shut, and a tiny child’s giggling. My ex-husband didn’t believe me until he saw proof.”

“Our house in SC had a ghost named Tom staying there,” said another. He kept an eye on my sons and they were constantly talking to him. I saw my grandmother after she died when I was nine years old. I was at school when my parents came to pick us up, and I told my mother. My grandmother died at the same time I saw her, she was crying.”

“I’ve seen two ghosts,” said a third. One was a little old lady with white hair and a blue dress.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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