‘Britain made the decision to leave!’ UK requests for changes to the Brexit protocol are slammed by an Irish minister.


‘Britain made the decision to leave!’ UK requests for changes to the Brexit protocol are slammed by an Irish minister.

Ireland’s European Affairs Minister, Thomas Byrne, has called on the British government to take quick action to find a solution to the Northern Ireland protocol’s disarray.

Mr. Byrne stressed that a post-Brexit solution for Northern Ireland must be found within the framework of the region’s existing accord. The Irish Europe Affairs Minister, speaking on Radio 4’s Today show on Wednesday, urged the British Government to join up to an SPS agreement (vet checks on animals and food) provided by the European Commission, despite Britain’s refusal since it would require adhering to EU standards. He went on to criticize Brexit and the British government for producing unneeded havoc as a result of the Northern Ireland Protocol’s aftermath.

Mr. Byrne was questioned on a rumored UK proposal for a “honesty box” approach to border checks.

“We’re going to pay close attention to what the British government has to say,” he answered.

“Within the parameters of the protocol, we’re open to discussing any innovative solutions.

“But we must also acknowledge that Britain chose to leave the European Union’s single market, to apply trade regulations, and to impose red tape on its commodities leaving the country and goods entering the country.”

Mr. Byrne went on to blame the Protocol’s disarray on Brexit, the British people, and the British government.

“The fundamental problem is Brexit!” he declared.

“Brexit” refers to a situation in which the British people and government have voted to quit the European Union and the single market.

“And to erect these barriers and create obstacles, whether it is on the island of Ireland or on the European continent.”

“It is not Brexit that says if you buy the wrong color ink, a whole truck of goods is turned around and needs to be destroyed,” Nick Robinson retorted.

“It is not Brexit that requires three separate veterinarians to examine the contents of a sandwich that people in Dublin ate completely comfortably till a few months ago!”

Mr. Byrne resumed his tirade, saying, “Well, it’s exactly Brexit!”

He went on to say that he was inspired by Margaret Thatcher’s efforts to construct the single market in order to “eliminate those.”


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