Britain is now “free of untrustworthy EU commercial partners,” according to post-Brexit trade agreements.


Britain is now “free of untrustworthy EU commercial partners,” according to post-Brexit trade agreements.

PROUD The revelation that confidence in the country’s economy has surged since it broke away from the EU has been welcomed by Brexit supporters.

According to a recent Lloyds Bank Business Barometer poll, it has grown to a four-year high as a result of trade agreements with nations such as New Zealand. At the same time, business confidence in the eurozone has dipped as a result of an increase of COVID-19 cases across the union and supply chain concerns.

The good news for business was matched by a similarly upbeat prognosis for employees, with a record number of UK employers announcing plans to raise salaries, and economic optimism rising for the first time in three months.

The news was enthusiastically received by Project Fear-Dismissing This website readers, who were eager to celebrate the country’s newfound independence from Brussels.

“One of the reasons to leave the EU was the opportunity to establish our own independent trade deals,” one reader said. The United Kingdom should pursue as many trade agreements as possible on its own.

“The fact that a country is far away is not a reason to avoid making a transaction. After all, the EU does business with far-flung countries as well.

“By striking these accords, the UK lessens its reliance on EU agricultural food imports, particularly from Australia and New Zealand.

“This is critical for the food security of the United Kingdom. We’ve all seen what the EU has done with vaccines. In addition, the French have threatened to turn off the power. The EU is not a reliable trading partner.

“The UK is slowly but steadily pulling away from the EU, which will have an impact on the EU’s £90 billion yearly trade surplus.”

“Data from the European Commission stated trust had declined for the first time in 2021 – the Remainers will go insane since the facts come from their beloved EU,” another said.

“How can their beloved EU be on the decline while Britain soars?

“You have to make them laugh and grin. The more they frown, the more evidence we have that Britain is doing well and progressing.”

“This provides a positive picture about the country’s economic recovery,” Hann-Ju Ho, senior economist at Lloyds, said in response to the survey’s findings.

“The sustained success of the vaccination rollout, the elimination of lockdown limits, and changes to self-isolation guidelines have all contributed to this confidence.”

It comes after the UK’s second-quarter GDP increased by 4.8 percent. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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