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Britain-bound migrants pose for selfies on broken down dinghy as they wait to be rescued and brought to UK

MIGRANTS were spotted taking selfies as they waited to be rescued from the English Channel and brought to the UK.

The group of 22 men were left stranded halfway across the dangerous waterway when the motor of their dinghy broke down.

The group were spotted by a group of swimmers on their way back to British shores at around 5pm on Tuesday.

Initially, the boat was on the French side of the Channel, but drifted on to the UK side while waiting to be picked up by a Border Force patrol.

Pictures show the men huddling together with their arms in the air as they wait to be rescued – while two members of the group take selfies and others lift their arms in prayer.

After two hours stuck in the dangerous passage, they were picked up by the UK Border Force’s hunter ship and taken to Dover, Kent.

It comes as figures released yesterday showed 1,004 migrants were brought ashore by Border Force between August 4 and 13.

A total of 4,511 migrants have made the perilous journey so far this year, compared with 1,823 in 2019.

Tiny children who had to be carried ashore by Border Control officials were among some of the migrants to cross the Channel on Saturday.

And Home Secretary Priti Patel has vowed to end the illegal crossings through the Channel and crack down on criminal gangs who prey on families desperation to find a way to get to the UK.

Immigration minister Chris Philp has also promised a “new, comprehensive action plan” to stem the latest surge in crossings after talks with French officials in Paris on Tuesday.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, he slammed the gangsters that exploited vulnerable migrants in order to make money – but said a joint operation with France was helping to catch them.

There have been 33 arrests since July, with £400,000 seized.

Mr Philp said: “These monsters convince vulnerable people to part with thousands in order to board unseaworthy vessels and make the incredibly dangerous Channel crossing — just to fund their lavish lifestyles.”

Earlier today, it was revealed that a shadowy British kingpin dubbed “The Banker” is secretly running a multi-million pound cross-Channel smuggling racket.

Details of the shady figure emerged during a French trial of three Afghan men who smuggled desperate migrants into the UK in the back of trucks and small lorries.

All three men were said to be in close contact with associates in the UK which included a smuggling mastermind known as ‘Le Banquier’, the Mail on Sunday reports.

Judge Vincent Naegelin said that ‘Le Banquier’ issued orders via phone to load boats with migrants – and there was evidence he was in control of the gang’s finances.

Ms Patel also today claimed that migrants cross the Channel in small boats to escape “racist” France.

She told The Sun on Sunday that many make the perilous voyage believing Britain will treat them more fairly – and that Britain’s reputation for tolerance was a big draw for many.

The Home Secretary made the remarks in a Zoom call with Tory MPs seeking action to halt the surge in Channel crossings.

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