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Brit teenager ‘raped in Spanish park’ as cops make arrest

A BRITISH teenager was allegedly raped at a Spanish park, leading to the arrest of a local suspect.

The woman, 18, alleges the man forced himself on her in La Rosaleda, Valladolid, after they met on a night out.

The suspect, 28, was remanded in prison after appearing before a judge.


In a remand ruling, the judge concluded the Brit had been drinking heavily and was doubtful she had consented to sex.

Now the case will be probed in a criminal court in Spain where they will decide if there is enough evidence to press ahead with a trial.

The woman has now ratified a formal complaint, according to reports.

It is not clear if she was on holiday or had lived in Valladolid.

The duo reportedly met while in a well-known bar area, with the arrest made on Wednesday.

It comes after an Irishman was this week arrested on suspicion of raping a British tourist in party hotspot Magaluf.

But he was freed after a court appearance, during which she declined to press charges.

She says she agreed to go back to his apartment but did not consent to sex.

Before then, a different Irishman alleged he was raped by two men after being kicked out of a brothel.

He said the men were waiting for him after he had been enticed by two women who offered a striptease, but didn’t realise he didn’t have enough money.

He told police he did not want to press charges because he felt “ashamed” over the incident.

Additional reporting Natalia Penza

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