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Brit ISIS bride ‘terror twins’ caught trying to escape Syrian camp to get back to Europe

A PAIR of Brit twin sisters who travelled to Syria to join ISIS have been caught by Kurdish forces attempting to sneak out of a detention camp.

Zahra and Salma Halane, dubbed the “terror twins,” left the Uk aged just 16 six years ago.

Speaking to ITV, the girls – who say they have since renounced ISIS – said they were arrested and are now being held in a high-security detention centre after cops caught them attempting escape the squalid Al Hol camp, where Shamima Begum was discovered.

The pair escaped ISIS territory during the battle for Baghouz in 2019, and had been living in the camp with Zahra’s young son.

She said: “I was looking at my son because we are all injured. Me and my son and my sister, we are injured people and we was getting sick and I’ve seen many people in Al Hol leaving – many women are leaving, leaving, leaving.”

Alma said the pair were pushed to leave by the squalid and unsanitary conditions, and had never thought of leaving before.

She said: “The water is yellow, I am suffering, I have injuries on me and my nephew and my sister, she has injuries on her head.

“We tried our best to go to hospital, we tried our best to do something for our health. So it was like survival of the fittest. We wanted to go to a better care.”

In an interview, with an anonymous escapee, thought to be one of the twins, a woman said she wanted to “go back home” but did not have enough money to pay smugglers to take her to Turkey.

She said: “If you have money, there are different ways [of escaping] and it happens very fast. You can get to Turkey easily.”

One Turkish woman in Al Hol said she knew both the twin sister for “over five years” in the camp and also living in the caliphate.

She told the Telegraph: “I don’t know where the other one might be honestly but they left together.”

Another woman told the Sunday Times in 2017, that the twins were at the centre of the British jihadi social scene in the Islamic State.

But Salma was quick to denounce the evil organisation, adding the pair now see themselves as “victims” of the Islamic State.

The twins are now seeking to be repatriated to Denmark, where they were born, after giving up hopes on returning to England, where they grew up in Manchester.

They have both been stripped of their right to British residency by the Home Office.

It’s thought the twin’s joining of Islamic State inspired Shamima Begum’s journey to the terrorist stronghold some months later.

Six months before the pair left Manchester, Salma Halane was quizzed by teachers for looking at images of ISIS fighters on a school computer.

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