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Brit holidaymakers cancel France holidays as coronavirus spike sees country edge closer to quarantine list

BRITS are cancelling trips to France amid fears that holidaymakers could be forced to quarantine after the country saw its biggest increase of Covid-19 cases since lockdown ended.

New infections of the virus rose by 2,288 yesterday – the third day in a row where the number has increased significantly – and the worst the country has seen since May.

Coronavirus cases in the country increased by more than 40 per cent on Friday. There was a rise of 1,604 on Thursday and 1,695 on Wednesday.

For every 100,000 people in France, 291.93 have Covid-19.

In Spain, the figure is 660.15, Belgium stands at 627.85, Portugal at 506.6 and the UK at 462.34.

The 14-day cumulative number of Covid-19 cases in France rose from 19 per 100,000 on July 31 to 24.2 per 100,000 in the past 24 hours.

The country’s scientific committee warned that the country was in the midst of a second surge.

Brits do not have to quarantine in France when on holiday but that could change as Chancellor Rishi Sunak refused to rule out the country being added to the coronavirus quarantine list.

He warned ministers “won’t hesitate” to take action if required.

Spain was added to the quarantine list two weeks ago with an infection rate of 27.4 per 100,000 so holidaymakers are taking no chances as France teeters towards that figure.

Karen Reekie, 44, from London, a former nurse who now blogs about family life said she was due to travel to Normandy with her husband and two children.

She said: “I just thought, what if they say we have to self-isolate for two weeks when we come back?

“It’s just not worth it, being stuck at home for two weeks not knowing if you’ve got Covid. It’s not really like a holiday.”

The family plans to have a staycation in the UK and visit the likes of Stonehenge, or go fruit picking.

Rachel Arnold, of Cheshire, said: “We want to go to France next week, Charente area, low Covid. Staying at a secluded house, no one else there.

“Thinking now not to go as ‘threat’ of quarantine looming. Ironically can’t afford to do a ten-day holiday here.”

One social media user felt she was “cursed” after booking a trip to France after cancelling their original holiday to Crete.

@Nibbledbyducks said: “I can’t quite believe we cancelled our holiday to Crete to rebook to go to France instead in one-and-a-half weeks as assumed it would be safe as it all seemed to by going so well.”

“So basically let me know if theres anywhere you don’t that I could book to visit as seems we’re cursed (sic).”

Alan, 62, from North Staffordshire, was looking forward to his week-long break in Brittany with his partner Anna, 53.

He was supposed to travel last Thursday and was particularly excited to visit archeological sites, admire the scenic coastline as well as eating and drinking in many bars and restaurants.

Alan decided to cancel his holiday following the French government’s decision to make face coverings mandatory in all public spaces as well as the risk of potentially having to quarantine while he was abroad.

He told The Sun Online: “We thought our holiday would not be as relaxing and stress free as we would’ve wanted.”

Alan intends to visit Brittany in the spring.

Another holidaymaker was planning on spending his summer in Wiltshire amid fears that his holiday would be cancelled.

Coronavirus cases are reportedly up by a third in the week to August 6, with infection rates increasing in all age groups but particularly 20-30 year-olds.

The country’s health ministry said: “The situation is precarious.”

“We could at any moment tip into a scenario that is less under control, like in Spain.

“It is highly likely that we will experience a second epidemic wave this autumn or winter.”

Brits were advised against all but essential to Andorra, Belgium and the Bahamas after new quarantine measures were announced on Thursday.

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