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Brit girl, 1, ‘whose brains were crushed by pilot dad at 5-star hotel’ may be exhumed after he denied murder

A BRITISH dad accused of battering his baby daughter to death has denied murder while testifying to a Kazakhstan court. 

Airbus 330 captain Mohamed Barakat, 41, is accused of beating his wife before turning on one-year-old toddler Sofia while at a five-star hotel after an all-night drinking session. 

The pilot was held in Almaty after his distraught wife Madina, 22, ran into the lobby of the city’s Intercontinental Hotel “screaming for help” in October. 

Their British daughter Sofia Barakat was found to have suffered horror head injuries on both sides of her skull, the trial was told. 

The court has heard evidence from other hotel guests that “the child was grabbed by the legs and the head hit against the wall” following a “family conflict”. 

Sofia’s death came from “bilateral compression of the skull”, prosecutors claim – but Mohamed denies murdering his daughter. 

His legal team argue the British girl – buried in Kazakhstan – may need to be exhumed to prove his innocence.  

He faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted of murder.

But the Barakat claims the case against him has been “fabricated” by police in Almaty, who flouted legal procedures in investigating the child’s death. 

In a Zoom court hearing the pilot told a judge: “I completely reject the indictment.” 

His wife Madina Abdullayeva is supporting her husband and saying the death of their only child was an “accident”, it is understood. 

His lawyers have listed three dozen “gross violations” in the case and demanded further investigations including possible exhumation as Barakat told the court that the evidence did not prove he was guilty of murder.  

Speaking via video link from a detention prison, Barakat said: “I would like the prosecutor to explain to me, in particular, on what grounds, and for what reasons, all these charges were brought forward, which were not indicated in the course of the (criminal) investigation.”

He continued: “I am in a foreign country. I am absolutely confused. I do not understand what is happening.  

“I am a British citizen and do not speak Russian. I am placed in a Russian-speaking environment. 

“There are no people around who can explain anything or who speak English.” 

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