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Brit backpacker raped and kidnapped at gunpoint in 900-mile hell ride by sex beast

A SEX BEAST who kidnapped, raped and beat a Brit backpacker as he took her on a 900-mile hellish ride across Australia has been jailed for ten years.

Elisha Greer was attacked and kidnapped by Marcus Martin as he forced her to drive him across the country from Cairns in North Queensland.

Martin – whose face and neck are tattooed – repeatedly assaulted Elisha, then 21, and threatened her at gunpoint during the horrifying ride.

She was eventually rescued near the Outback town of Mitchell after being spotted at a petrol station.

The owner saw Elisha, from Liverpool, looking like a “zombie” and called the cops.

She was taken to hospital to be treated for injuries including fractures to her face.

“Yeah, he seemed fun, he didn’t seem like a psycho.”

Elisha Greer

Elisha had met Martin at an Australia Day party in Cairns in January 2017.

They struck up a relationship – and in less than two weeks he started to abuse her, a court was told.

Martin raped Elisha in a hotel room before forcing her to drive partway across Australia in March 2017.

She was beaten and sexually assaulted for weeks before she was finally rescued five days later.

Martin cut up her British passport before forcing her to drive far into the Outback.

Prosecutor Nathan Crane told the court: “He threw away her birth control pills so she would never leave him because she would have his child.”

He said that Ms Greer had been through a “harrowing” ordeal, adding: “She feared she would be murdered.”

Her disappearance sparked a search but she wasn’t found for five weeks.

The petrol station worker who found her said Elisha had tears streaming down her face and was unable to pay for the fuel.

She called police when the car drove off without paying – saying she looked like a “zombie” and in a state of “shock”. 

Mr Crane said: “[The victim] tried to get the attention of other road users as they would drive along and also other service station customers to no avail.”

Prosecutors said the evil Martin had kidnapped her and taken her far into the Outback due to his “desire to control and isolate the victim”.

Before the sentencing hearing, Elisha had bravely told an Australian TV programme about the ordeal which has left her deeply traumatised.

She told how she met Martin at an outdoor dance party and thought he was “fun”.

But she soon realised he was “completely and utterly crazy”.

She told the programme: “Yeah, he seemed fun, he didn’t seem like a psycho.”

Friends said the British woman appeared to be under his “spell”.

Martin became “obsessive and clingy”, Ms Greer said, and then launched the attacks that have landed him in jail.

Elisha told Sunday Night: “I was forced to drive the car with the gun to my head.”

She told that the night she met him she gave him a ride home and felt sorry for him after he said his mum had taken her own life.

A few days later he sent her a text message asking her if she’d like to meet up.

The relationship soon turned romantic but within days Martin “flipped” and became abusive, Ms Greer said.

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