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Brisbane teen mum Sarah Magusara, 19, surpasses 15million followers on TikTok

A teen mother from Brisbane has become the most popular Australian on TikTok with a gargantuan following of 15.3million. 

Sarah Magusara steadily amassed an online audience by sharing videos of herself dancing and lip-syncing to chart-topping songs on YouTube and Instagram, where she has a further 1.4million followers.

The 19-year-old dancer born to Filipino parents has been delighting fans with her stylish outfits, flawless makeup and everyday activities since 2014.

But it wasn’t until she welcomed daughter Zamira Rose with high school boyfriend Pieta Warbrick in September 2019 that her star truly began to rise.

‘Young mums started following me and the feedback I receivedwas really positive. I really love how they like my lifestyle,’ she told the publication.

Ms Magusara’s extraordinary following is all the more impressive compared to the audience of Australia’s reigning ‘influencer mum’, 26-year-old Tammy Hembrow.

Hembrow’s 11.5 million Instagram followers dwarfs Magusara’s 1.4 million, but over on TikTok it’s a very different story with Magusara’s 15.3 million eclipsing Hembrow’s 221,400.

Ms Magusara has already passed down her digital prowess to little Zamira, who has her own Instagram account with 154,000 followers at the time of writing.

Not bad for an 11-month-old who only recently learned to stand by herself.

Boyfriend Warbrick – who Ms Magusara says has ‘maybe, like 100 Instagram followers’ – lets the two leading ladies in his life take centre stage and rarely appears on either account save for birthdays and anniversaries. 

Ms Magusara has been documenting her fitness journey during COVID-19 lockdown as she hones her post-baby body and learns to embrace the stretch marks that now crisscross her taut midriff. 

It’s a message of self-acceptance that hits the right note with her legion of fans who seem to value authentic insights into daily life over carefully curated images airbrushed on Photoshop.

‘I didn’t have [stretch marks] until I was pregnant, but I think they should be normalised,’ Ms Magusara said.

‘They don’t bother me anymore. In fact, I love them when the light shines on them.’

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