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Bride is slammed over comments about best friend’s rotting teeth

A bride-to-be is facing backlash online after admitting she doesn’t want to ask her childhood best friend to be her maid of honor because she’s worried her rotting teeth will ruin her wedding pictures.  

The unknown woman opened up about her ‘dilemma’ on Facebook, but a screenshot of the appalling post was later shared on Reddit’s Wedding Shaming forum, where she was criticized for being an ‘awful’ and ‘terrible’ friend. 

‘I’m not really trying to catch heat for this but I need opinions,’ the bridezilla wrote, explaining that while she and her childhood best friend ‘always talked about being in each other’s weddings growing up,’ she is now hesitant to ask her. 

The woman noted that their parents are friends, and they have known each other since they were babies. Even though she moved out of state a couple of years ago, they have remained close and ‘text a lot.’   

‘I’m choosing my bridesmaids and really want to ask her to be my MOH,’ she said. ‘My dilemma… I haven’t visually seen her in a while, but yesterday saw a video of her and sometime recently she developed a large cavity in her front teeth. 

‘Am I shallow for worrying how pictures will look of the big day?’ she asked. ‘I adore her, but I also don’t want to look back at pictures and have that in there or family judge.’

The bride insisted she doesn’t want to ‘hurt anyone’s feelings,’ but her ‘fiancé is concerned as well.’   

‘Do I ask her and just hope it isn’t noticed? Do I not ask her and risk the friendship? SOS,’ she wrote at the end of her post. 

Commenters were quick to bash the woman for being so self-centered and insensitive to her friend’s feelings.  

‘Idgaf what my friends look like at my wedding. I just want them to be happy and have a good time and celebrate with me no matter what. This is awful,’ one person wrote. 

‘Like, why are you not asking your friend if they are okay, if they need help to get that filling take care of?’ someone else asked. ‘Are you not concerned about their teeth rotting out of their head and they aren’t taking care of themself? A filling is, what, like $300? Just jump to “the pictures wont look good.” So backwards. Can you not talk to your friend?’

One Reddit user who admittedly has bad teeth felt empathy for the bride’s pal, saying: ‘If a friend did this to me, I’d be devastated and emotionally destroyed by it. I’m already acutely aware of what my teeth look like, I don’t smile anymore because I’m terrified of the judgements that people have.’  

Others pointed out that she could easily use Photoshop to fix her friend’s teeth in her wedding pictures if she needed to, insisting she’s making something out of nothing. 

‘A tooth man. A tooth. That’s all it took to possibly ruin her entire wedding,’ one commenter pointed out. 

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