Brian Laundrie is compared to wife killer Scott Peterson by Dog the Bounty Hunter, who explains why he believes the fugitive is guilty.


DOG the Bounty Hunter has compared Brian Laundrie to wife killer Scott Peterson and revealed why he thinks the fugitive is guilty.

The reality TV star said that Chris Laundrie joining the hunt for his son last week “fits the MO of most people that…are guilty of something.”

Dog told The Sun: “Most of the guys that kill their wives and their family, they hide up for three or four days and then protesters start and the rumors start.

“And people are ‘Well, Scott Peterson if you don’t know where she’s at why aren’t you out there helping?’”

Peterson was found guilty of murdering his eight month pregnant wife Laci and unborn son in 2002.

A California judge said last week that she plans to resentence Peterson to life in prison after he was sentenced to death in 2005.

Dog – real name Duane Chapman – joined the hunt for Gabby Petito’s missing fiancé last month.

He added: “So the people have put up enough pressure where the dad rode around in a golf cart, and showed the cops, what to do. ”

In an exclusive interview with The Sun Dog said Chris Laundrie joining the search for his son last week was “too late.”

He said: “So Chris, the father, went out looking for Brian the son. It’s a little too late. Don’t you think?”

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Dog also said parents of suspects usually only help in negotiations.

He added: “I’ve never heard of that in the 41 years that I have bounty hunted.

“I have heard when they go get a parent, like the son is robbing a bank and they want to negotiate for the kid to come out so they will get mom and mom talks to the kid.

“I’ve never heard of the police departments, and I’m sure it wasn’t the FBI, that take the father on the ride along.

“You know that’s like, well, they get must out some good friends.”

Dog is hunting Brian after Petito, 22, was found dead in Wyoming on September 19 after disappearing on the couple’s cross-country road-trip.

The FBI launched a million dollar search for 23-year-old Brian, after he vanished from his family home in Florida just days before Gabby was found dead.

The couple had been weeks into a cross country trip when Brian returned home to his parent’s house without Gabby on September 1.

Gabby’s parents reported her missing on September 11 and her remains were found a week later in a Wyoming national park.

Brian had vanished just days before her body was discovered at Grand Teton National… Brinkwire Brief News.


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