Brexit snafu is on the way, with 26 EU member states ‘lining up’ behind Ireland to take on the United Kingdom.


Brexit snafu is on the way, with 26 EU member states ‘lining up’ behind Ireland to take on the United Kingdom.

According to an expert, BREXIT tensions might lead to the entire EU putting pressure on the UK to back down in the Northern Ireland Protocol dispute.

As the EU and the UK fail to reconcile their differences, the Brexit debate over the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol rumbles on. Northern Ireland businesses told MPs this week that the “sausage war” is a “red herring,” warning that worse difficulties are on the way. They cautioned that an increase in the amount of paperwork required to transport food from the United Kingdom to Northern Ireland could pose a concern.

In order to avoid a ban on chilled meats, the grace period for commodities moving into Northern Ireland was recently extended for another three months.

Following the agreement on the extension, the UK government stated that it will work “energetically” with the EU to find a long-term solution to the potential “sausage war,” as well as other difficulties with the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The UK has accused the EU of being too rigid when it comes to the Protocol, while Brussels is enraged that Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed it as part of the trade and departure accords.

Last month, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told Euronews that the British should “simply do their job and implement what we have agreed upon.”

Kevin Featherstone, an expert on European politics, told This website that Ireland might have strong support from the other 26 EU member states on the issue.

According to a professor at the London School of Economics, the EU27 will band together to put pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“I think the biggest surprise has been how firmly the other 26 EU member states have rallied around Ireland,” he remarked.

“The EU27 has been surprisingly united; from the perspective of the rest of the EU, do they really care about the Northern Ireland border if you are in Athens or Madrid?

“I believe they have accepted a culture of ‘we stand together’ because it is the only way to keep the 27 moving.”

Mr Featherstone, on the other hand, believes that Prime Minister Johnson’s largest post-Brexit challenge will come from French President Emmanuel Macron.

“London has its biggest difficulty with Macron in Paris, as we witnessed with the fishing rights,” the analyst continued.

“What we’ve observed is Macron’s mental transformation.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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