Brexit London in the year 2040 in the United Kingdom! The campaign to return the Olympics BACK to London has begun.


Brexit London in the year 2040 in the United Kingdom! The campaign to return the Olympics BACK to London has begun.

Following Team GB’s triumph at Tokyo 2020, UK governments will work with London Mayor Sadiq Khan to consider a bid for a countrywide Olympics centered on London in 2036 or 2040, according to this website.

Ministers will work with the Mayor of London to devise a strategy for “bringing the games back to London.”

The decision comes after Team GB’s 65 medal haul in Japan matched the total collected at the London Olympics in 2012, and is only two medals short of the record set in Rio in 2016.

A total of 22 gold medals were won by the British team, which was the fourth highest result by a British team.

While the process is still in its early stages, this website understands that ministers are anxious to use a future Olympic bid to boost the UK’s worldwide profile, particularly in light of Brexit.

Mr Khan will now collaborate closely with the British Olympic Association, the UK Government, and other stakeholders to determine the next steps in advancing a candidacy within the next year.

“Like many other Londoners, Sadiq has been cheering on the awe-inspiring Team GB over the last couple of weeks,” a representative for the Mayor of London stated.

“Londoners were captivated by the spectacular Tokyo games, and Sadiq is committed to investigating the possibility of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the future.”

The UK government has hinted that the country’s lengthy and successful track record of staging and bidding for big athletic events may prompt a contract around 2036 or 2040.

Within the next decade, the UEFA Women’s Euros, Rugby League World Cup, and the Birmingham Commonwealth Games in 2022 will all take place.

“The UK has a global reputation for delivering sporting success, especially after London 2012,” a UK Government source stated.

“We are always interested in future hosting opportunities, particularly those that can propel us into the global stage.”

“We’ve shown the world what we can do at Tokyo 2020 with our amazing athletes who have made our country proud,” they said.

The IOC has also recently amended its regulations so that regions or countries, rather than just one city, can now bid for the Olympics, potentially allowing for four-nation games.

“After an absolutely outstanding performance by our Team GB heroes, it is time we bring the games back home,” said Jamie Stone, Liberal Democrat Culture spokesperson.

“Brinkwire Summary News” states that “all four nations hosting the games would be Britain at its best.”


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