Brexit LIVE: Rejoiner claims UK’sacrificed millions of people’ in EU leave, causing outrage.


Brexit LIVE: Rejoiner claims UK’sacrificed millions of people’ in EU leave, causing outrage.

ANGER has erupted when a prominent anti-Brexit campaigner claimed that leaving the European Union has cost the UK millions of people’s lives.

Due to the purported damage they had done to the country, a well-known anti-Brexit campaigner claimed that those who supported Brexit could not be called patriots. Femi Oluwole alleged in a tweet that big areas of the country had also been sacrificed to ensure the UK’s exit from the EU. “Can we all agree that you don’t get to call yourself a patriot if you’re willing to sacrifice huge areas of your nation and the millions of people who live there?” he remarked.

However, many others flocked to Twitter in response to defend the UK’s exit and query who the millions were.

“Can we agree it is not and never will be your call!” one individual said.

“I’m not clear what use this serves,” stated another.

“Are we going to have a Punch and Judy performance for the rest of our lives over Brexit?

“There’s nothing wrong with bringing up trade difficulties or putting one side in a box, but name-calling or putting one side in a box will only serve to keep Punch & Judy divided.”

“Can we all agree, Femi, that you always distort the narrative?” remarked another.

“So because you believe in your own mind that you made the right decision and the majority did not, the majority of this country is not a patriot but you are, what about any of the police or armed forces who may have voted for Brexit, are they not patriots?” a fourth individual said.

This year, the number of new businesses has risen by 24% at Companies House, setting a new high.

The number of high-value startups, known as “unicorns,” is at an all-time high in the UK, with 81 valued more than $1 billion apiece, more than France, Germany, and Sweden combined.

Despite the pandemic, £11 billion was invested in skilled British entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in 2020, a new high.

Investors have committed £2 billion into a mega-logistics empire that extends from Teesside in the north east to the Thames Estuary, giving Britain’s freeports a major boost.

Teesport, which was granted low-tax status by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the March budget, expects to recruit top overseas companies and create £200 million in profits by the end of the decade.

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