Brexit LIVE: Finally, Truss gets tough! Liz’ EU scolding is applauded as she defends Britons.


Brexit LIVE: Truss finally gets tough! Liz’s EU scolding is applauded as she stands up for Britons.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, has been praised for finally standing up to Brussels, with Britons telling her that the “best option now is WTO with no control from the EU whatsoever.”

On Thursday, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will meet with Maro efovi, Vice President of the European Commission, for their first face-to-face meeting.

Truss took a tough stance ahead of their meeting, indicating that she will stand up for Britons if the EU refuses to budge, saying, “I will trigger Article 16 if the EU does not cooperate.”

“The European Union is financially insecure,” Emma Grate, a reader of this website, said in response to the comments.

“If we can’t get a good deal on our terms now, we won’t be able to get one later.”

“The best option is WTO with no EU control.”

To send a strong message to Brussels, UK consumers are being urged to boycott EU goods.

Former diplomat Adrian Hill also believes that instead of whining about new border checks, British businesses should look for new markets to sell their goods in.

He also suggested that Foreign Secretary and Brexit negotiator Liz Truss, who is preparing for a crucial meeting with EU vice-president Maros Sefcovic next week, should take over as Tory leader and Prime Minister from Boris Johnson.


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