Brexit LIVE: Don’t dare! Coveney threatens Frost with a new Article 16 threat.


Brexit LIVE: Don’t dare, Coveney threatens Frost with a new Article 16 threat.

If the UK invokes Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol, SIMON COVENEY has warned that the EU will “respond robustly.”

Indeed, Mr Coveney stated that unilaterally suspending parts of the deal would be viewed as a “serious breach of good faith” by the EU.

Although he acknowledged a shift in tone from the UK, he maintained that there is still a significant gap between the two countries.

“They’re effectively suggesting that if they can’t get the compromise they want from the EU, they’ll act unilaterally and use Article 16 to set aside parts of the protocol they don’t think are necessary,” he said.

“I don’t think the EU will react well to that.”

I’m pretty sure they won’t.

“They’ll respond forcefully, and they’ll regard it as a serious breach of trust.”

The talks will resume on Friday, but Lord Frost has maintained that the threshold for invoking Article 16 will remain the same.

Officials in the United Kingdom, such as Micheal Gove, are hoping to reach an agreement by the end of the year in order to secure a solution for the supply of medicines to Northern Ireland.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, speaking at the International Trade Committee, claimed that the trade agreement with New Zealand has no drawbacks.

She also claimed that the deal was beneficial to farmers.

“I believe this is a fantastic deal for removing tariffs on all food and drink exports, from gin and chocolates to pork and wine,” she told MPs.

“On all of them, there is a wide range of liberalization.

“Where there are sensitivities, we will include protections for our agriculture industry – a range of tools to protect British farmers against any unfair trading practices that may lurk, and things like tariff liberalization on sensitive goods like beef and lamb will be staged over time.”

Marcus Wareing, a Masterchef judge, has suggested that schools reinstate traditional practical classes in order to address “scary” Brexit-related workforce shortages.

Marcus Wareing, 51, a Michelin-starred chef, has warned that the UK may need to “bring back” practical vocational subjects in schools to fill Brexit-related vacancies.

Mr Wareing told The i: “We rely on our EU community to support and prop us up.”

“Now that everything is shut up, I can see in.”

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