Brexit is a win-win situation for employees! – Leaver mentions the massive salary raise for lorry drivers.


Brexit is a win-win situation for employees! – Leaver mentions the massive salary raise for lorry drivers.

WORKERS are “benefiting” from Brexit, according to a senior Leaver, who cited the example of a lorry driver who spoke out about earning a massive salary raise overnight.

A trade unionist and Brexit supporter named Paul Embery turned to Twitter to express his thoughts on a lorry driver who received a wage raise over night. Tom Reddy explained how his income increased from £17.50 to £24.50 per hour.

Mr Embery, who frequently appears on GB News, wrote on Twitter about the hike, saying, “How great it is to see a tighter labor market giving workers actual leverage in salary negotiations with companies.”

“Our economy is experiencing a much-needed adjustment, and workers are reaping the benefits.”

Belinda de Lucy, a former MEP for the Brexit Party, also commented.

“Brexit voters I spoke to across the country wanted a change from the peanuts they were getting for hard labor jobs,” she tweeted.

“I’m delighted they’re finally getting their due.

“The EU wants to expand to include more impoverished countries, and cheap wld [sic]has continued to arrive.

“Now is the moment to support our domestic workforce.”

Mr Reddy, who spoke about the wage raise on the BBC’s Wake Up To Money show, was a source of inspiration for both of them.

Mr Reddy, on the other hand, stated that he was searching for a new employment, citing his unsociable shifts, Brexit, gender imbalance in the office, and racism on the road as reasons for wanting to leave.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he remarked.

“But even if they paid me £80,000 a year, it wouldn’t be enough; I want to leave.”

“It is difficult to get out of for many of us because it does not provide you with the abilities that other employers seek, despite the fact that it is a highly skilled job,” he continued.

The lack of lorry drivers and food processors has been blamed on new visa requirements enacted as a result of Brexit.

According to Transport Intelligence analysis, the driver shortage is also hurting continental Europe, with a shortage of roughly 400,000 people.

By 2027, the International Road Transport Organization (IRU) predicts a driver shortage of 185,000 in Germany.

Since 2019, France has had a similar situation, with a driver shortage of around 43,000 people.

In Italy, the shortage in 2019 is expected to be roughly 15,000 people.

Richard Walker, the managing director of Iceland, and John Allan, the chairman of Tesco, are both on the “Brinkwire Summary News” list in the United Kingdom.


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