Brexit impact is ‘getting in the way’ of ‘blooming’ Irish ties, according to Micheál Martin.


Brexit impact is ‘getting in the way’ of ‘blooming’ Irish ties, according to Micheál Martin.

The consequences of Brexit and the handling of the Northern Ireland Protocol, according to Irish Taoiseach Micheál Martin, have hampered a “full blooming” relationship between his nation and the United Kingdom.

The Irish premier said he was “frustrated” by the impact the Northern Ireland Protocol, as well as other post-Brexit concerns, has had on ties, but remained hopeful for a better future in an interview with the BBC’s Newscast podcast with the corporation’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg.

“What is the worst case situation if this cannot be resolved?” Ms Kuenssberg questioned when discussing the protocol issue.

“I don’t want to be engaging into a Doomsday scenario or making words that could be interpreted as threatening,” the Irish prime minister responded.

“However, I believe there is a clear pattern here in terms of the ramifications.”

He emphasized how the persistent debates within the Northern Ireland Protocol have angered both Ireland and other EU leaders, considering that it was a “negotiated deal” between the UK and the bloc.

The Taoiseach also stated that the Protocol snafu has posed a severe threat to the UK-EU relationship.

“Do we really want that to go into a period of stress?” he said.

Laura Kuenssberg of the BBC interjected, observing that Mr Martin seemed “frustrated” as he described the current state of affairs.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the existing state of affairs, saying, “I don’t think this needs to be where it is right now.”

However, the Taoiseach made it plain that he “passionately” believes that the country’s strained ties with the United Kingdom and the European Union can be “settled” in the future.

Mr Martin emphasized this when he noted that during his last meeting with Boris Johnson at the Prime Minister’s rural retreat Chequers, the two discussed the need of maintaining the British-Irish partnership.

Despite his confidence for a better future, he emphasized that the concerns that are still being worked out through the Northern Ireland Protocol are preventing the two countries’ relationship from “full blooming” in the future.

His remarks came as discussions to end the stalemate caused by the Northern Ireland protocol stagnated again on Friday, as UK and EU negotiators struggled to make concessions or strike a deal to end the trade war.

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