‘Brexit hasn’t got anything to do with it!’ A lorry driver explains the causes of the current gasoline shortage.


‘Brexit hasn’t got anything to do with it!’ A lorry driver explains the causes of the current gasoline shortage.

According to an HGV driver, BREXIT has “very little to do with” the UK’s fuel problem, which has resulted in long lines at gas stations over the past week.

The actual cause for the driver scarcity, according to Brian Challis, 72, a 47-year lorry driver, is the coronavirus pandemic and the holiday season. He went on to say that panic buying, fueled by a media frenzy, had aggravated the problem. “No, Brexit has very little to do with that,” he answered when asked if Brexit was to blame. There isn’t much. I believe the COVID-19 is to blame, as well as the hysteria caused by newspapers and the media.” “That’s where the issue arose,” he continued. There would be none of this if the government had simply remained silent and went on with its work.” Only a small percentage of HGV drivers have an ADR certificate, which is essential to operate vehicles with chemical or gasoline tanks, he noted.

“You have hundreds of thousands of lorry drivers with HGV licenses, but only a handful of them have the ADR for chemicals and patrol,” he explained.

“As a result, the petrol industry will only hire a specific [number]of workers.” However, they should hire more, if not more, drivers.” Mr Challis claims that the shortage of these drivers is due to many of them staying at home and isolating themselves.

Due to the epidemic, he added, several international drivers have decided to return to their native nations.

“When COVID-19 arrived, everyone exclaimed, ‘Oh no, I’m not staying here with COVID-19, I’m going home,’ and many people left.

“However, they returned home and discovered that they could find fantastic positions for exactly as much money as they could here, so they stayed.”

He claimed, however, that the crisis was not as serious as it had been portrayed.

“BP couldn’t keep up with filling up a couple of garages, so they shut them down due to a lack of fuel,” he explained.

“Somehow, the newspapers got wind of it and exaggerated it.

“There is no shortage of gasoline or diesel; they have 50,000 gallon tanks at the depots waiting to be picked up.

“BP is short on drivers due to the holiday season, COVID-19, and other factors, as well as those retiring due to age.””

He also asserted. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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