Brexit has put Argentina’s ability to travel to the United Kingdom in jeopardy, according to Lionel Messi.


Brexit has put Argentina’s ability to travel to the United Kingdom in jeopardy, according to Lionel Messi.

A lawyer advised LIONEL MESSI that Brexit could make it impossible for him and other players to travel to the United Kingdom.

Messi’s lengthy and successful career at Barcelona appears to be coming to an end, with the club announcing last night that he will not be playing next season at Camp Nou. The Argentine international had already departed the club after becoming a free agent on July 1, but Barcelona was in talks with him to extend his contract for the coming season. However, talks have broken down, with the Catalan club alleging last night that “financial and structural obstacles” rendered a fresh agreement impossible to reach.

With Messi’s future uncertain, PSG has reportedly approached the six-time Ballon d’Or winner’s representatives to inquire about the possibility of signing him.

Manchester City, who expressed interest in Messi last summer during a major rift between the star and his previous team, have also been mentioned as possible suitors.

While many fans would love to see Messi play in England, a lawyer recently warned that due to Brexit, players’ right to go to the UK could be jeopardized.

Immigration lawyer Andrew Osbourne of Lewis Silkin told The Athletic that he and his colleagues were preparing numerous teams for the issues that Brexit could bring in 2019.

“There is a definite point around European games,” he explained. You can come to the UK if you are an EU citizen with a criminal conviction, as long as you are not considered a threat to national security.

“If you are not an EU citizen and have received a conviction or prison sentence — even if it is suspended — you are prohibited from entering the United Kingdom.

“A handful of well-known footballers have been convicted of tax evasion and have received suspended sentences. They haven’t had to worry about anything thus far because they have EU passports.

“However, after Brexit, they may be unable to enter the country” (as they will be treated like non-EU nationals).

“Anyone serving a prison sentence of any kind is automatically denied entry.

“This could cause problems for Champions League teams, as well as whether they (UEFA) will hold finals in England if players are unable to do so.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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