‘Brexit has nothing to do with it!’ As the chaos escalates, Sunak gets into a heated argument with Campbell.


‘Brexit has nothing to do with it!’ As the chaos escalates, Sunak gets into a heated argument with Campbell.

As the two addressed the implications of Brexit on the current supply chain disruption, RISHI Sunak got into a heated argument with Alastair Campbell of Good Morning Britain.

Attempts to link the present supply chain delay to Brexit, according to Rishi Sunak, are inaccurate. The transportation of products in the UK has been severely disrupted due to a scarcity of HGV drivers, which the government observed had been simmering long before the UK left the European Union. However, Alastair Campbell of Good Morning Britain, who was formerly a vociferous proponent of a second referendum on Brexit, quoted excerpts from Operation Yellowhammer to imply that Brexit was mostly to blame.

“I know Brexit is a special area of interest for you, Alastair, but I’ll put it in context,” the Chancellor of the Exchequer said, dismissing Mr Campbell’s claim.

“HGV drivers are a problem that affects people all over the world, not just here in the UK.” It is a problem that many countries are wrestling with.

“I believe there were hundreds of thousands of HGV drivers short across Europe when I last reviewed intelligence reports,” says the author.

Mr Campbell then asked Mr Sunak to name other EU countries that are going to utilize military assistance to jumpstart the supply chain, to which Mr Sunak responded, “That is something we are doing to help relieve the situation.”

“If we didn’t do that, you’d be chastising us for not doing so.” I don’t think it’s acceptable to blame Brexit for this.” The GMB anchor, on the other hand, had a quick reaction to the remark: “So this has nothing to do with Brexit?” “None of it,” you say. “It’s obviously not entirely tied to Brexit,” Mr Sunak remarked. It’s a problem that a large number of countries are facing at the same time.

“And, in fact, we’ve been able to make some improvements to our testing regime as a result of Brexit, which will allow us to get more individuals through the testing faster.”

Last week, panic purchase of petrol due to a scarcity of truckers resulted in chaotic scenes across major cities, with lines of drivers forming. Some fistfights have erupted over the pumps, while others have stocked up on petrol in old water bottles.

“We’ve put the extra drivers on as a precaution,” Mr Sunak subsequently told LBC radio.

“The situation has been improving for I believe over a week on a daily basis… it is getting better and in line with demand,” says Brinkwire Summary News.


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