Brexit has left its imprint! According to an industry insider, Rejoiner’s concerns regarding HGV and supply constraints are false.


BREXIT has and will deliver for the UK, one industry has boasted despite the fuel crisis hitting the country.

Although some Rejoiners have criticised Brexit for creating shortages across the UK, one industry insider has revealed Britain’s departure from the EU has given the country instant benefits. Speaking to This website, Alex Veitch of Logistics UK praised what he called a “brilliant story” of how the UK has transformed its supply chains so quickly thanks to Brexit. Indeed, he also claimed the UK had been “brilliant” in adapting its supply chains with the EU in such a short time.


He added: “You know, we have moved from our busy partner having reasonably light controls at the border to by next time, our biggest trade partner having the kind of trade procedures that we’ve had with the rest of the world forever, you know, we’ve done that with the government in what will be five years.

“So we and the Government delivered a sort of almost a high speed, miniaturised version of all the trade procedures that we have to do to trade with China in about two years. It’s incredible.

“It’s a brilliant story.

“You know, I think we’ll, we’ll leave this situation with a bigger, more valued, stable, more resilient workforce than we had in the past.

“And we’ll be good to go.”

Despite the doom and gloom from Remainers over the UK’s exit, Mr Veitch was emphatic in his belief that Brexit had delivered for the UK.

Asked whether voting to Leave had been proven right, he said: “In terms of the change to the way that drivers are perceived and valued in society and the economy.

“And the whole logistics community in general, yes.”

Although Mr Veitch admitted there will still be some shortages heading into December, he insisted the UK should be over the supply chain crisis by next spring.

The Government has offered 5,000 visas to EU drivers in order to help ease the burden on the UK’s supply chains.

Money is also being spent on apprenticeship programmes in order to train and employ HGV drivers in the UK.

The Prime Minister has also appointed the former CEO of Tesco, Sir David Lewis as the UK’s supply chain adviser.


Sir David will work closely with the Prime Minister, No10 and the Treasury, and will be based in the Cabinet. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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