Brexit has been warned by Von der Leyen. The UK will ‘weaken’ EU efforts to extend global influence.


Brexit has been warned by Von der Leyen. The UK will ‘weaken’ EU efforts to extend global influence.

URSULA von der Leyen has warned that the European Union’s global influence will be “weakened” as a result of Britain’s exit from the group.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, has been cautioned that the European Union’s worldwide position in defense may see some “greater discrepancies.” Lord Powell, a former Thatcher aide, claimed that the UK had a key role in defining Brussels’ foreign policy approach, and that Brexit will likely result in the EU taking a “weaker” attitude on defense and security. “Where I think they will find a bigger gap is in the whole defence/security job and the foreign policy position,” Lord Powell told Chubb.

“I believe it is fair to argue that Britain has always been in the vanguard of European foreign policy since joining the EU, for just the reasons I have stated.

“We’re accustomed to thinking and acting on a global scale.

“In terms of defense, we are the European member of NATO that spends the most on defense and has the most modern weaponry, among other things.

“On the intelligence side, it’s a little the same.”

Lord Powell said that unless the United Kingdom is permitted to rejoin some of Brussels’ important security organizations, the European Union may struggle to maintain a strong worldwide position.

“We are probably better at intelligence than any other European country,” he continued.

“Unless they are willing to welcome us back in to some of their institutions and the way they do these things, they will be weakened by our departure.”

Britain is no longer a party to the EU’s defense mechanisms as a result of the Brexit agreement reached between the UK and the EU in December.

Josep Borrell, the EU’s High Representative in Brussels, acknowledged that Britain’s exit from the organization would have a substantial impact on how the EU shapes security policies.

“With Brexit, nothing gets easier and a lot gets more complicated,” Mr Borrell said.

“How much more complicated it becomes will be determined by the choices made by both sides.”

While both sides have stated a desire to continue working together, no agreement has yet been made on how the United Kingdom and the European Union will collaborate on defense and security issues in the future.

The new relationship between the UK and the EU has already been called into question because to concerns regarding.


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