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Brexit betrayal! Tory MPs plot to end Boris premiership on the day he becomes PM

BORIS JOHNSON could be brought down as Prime Minister almost immediately by rebel Conservative MPs defecting to the Liberal Democrats according to shock reports.

The next Prime Minister will be appointed later this month after the Conservative Party leadership contest finishes. Mr Johnson is competing with Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt for the role. However according to the Mail on Sunday two Conservative MPs are plotting to defect to the Liberal Democrats if Mr Johnson wins, immediately wiping out his Parliamentary majority.


The paper reports Tory whips have been told the two will do so if Jo Swinson becomes the next Liberal Democrat leader.

Ms Swinson may assume the position on July 24, if she defeats party rival Sir Ed Davey.

This is just one day before Mr Johnson could be installed as Prime Minister.

According to reports the defection would be timed to coincide with Mr Johnson entering 10 Downing Street to maximise impact.

However anti-Brexit Conservative MPs Phillip Lee and Guto Bebb have both denied they plan to leave the Tories, though Mr Lee hinted he could take some action.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday he said: “Others might be happy to trash their political reputations in vain pursuit of personal gain.

“But a few of us still have the principle and enough courage to put our country first.

“I’m not sure how much longer the conservatism that I represent can cling on in the party.”

If two Conservative MPs to defect to the Liberal Democrats the Governments parliamentary majority, currently just four, would be wiped out.

The Tories risk another loss in the upcoming Brecon and Radnorshire by-election where the Liberal Democrats are mounting a strong challenge.

If neither Mr Johnson or Mr Corbyn are able to form a Government a general election will be called.

The Conservatives have already suffered defections over Brexit, with three MPs who back a second referendum resigning from the party in March.

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