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Breeding ram becomes Britain’s most expensive ever sheep after selling for £368,000

THIS woolly humper has just become the most valuable sheep in Britain.

Sportsman Double Diamond, a six-month-old Texel breeding ram, was sold in Lanark for 350,000 guineas (£368,000), a UK record.

This beat the previous record ram which sold for £231,000 some 11 years ago.

The male sheep went for such a high price because he is the most popular breed in the country and has been born at the highest end of breeding period.

Its price is more than the cost of many actual farmhouses in that area.

The ram was born at a farm in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Texel Sheep Society chief exexutive John Yates said: “This will, to many people, sound like an extraordinary price for a sheep.

“The Texel breed is the number one terminal sire breed in then UK, siring about 30% of all the lambs born in the UK every year.

“This ram lamb has the potential to sire many, many rams which will in turn go on to breed many thousands of lambs themselves.

“This is the very top of the sheep breeding industry in the UK and as such the buyers are investing in the future of their businesses.”

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