BREAKING After a couple was ‘killed over parking row,’ an ex-soldier was charged with murder.


BREAKING After a couple was ‘killed over parking row,’ an ex-soldier was charged with murder.

After being detained on suspicion of murdering a couple next door over a reported parking dispute while two children slept upstairs, a former soldier is being held in detention.

After a purported parking dispute spiraled out of control, an ex-soldier was charged with murdering a married couple.

Collin Reeves, 34, remained in prison Friday night after IT instructor Stephen Chapple, 36, and his wife Jenny, 33, were discovered at their house in the Somerset village of Norton Fitzwarren with significant knife injuries.

Mr Reeves, whose identity was discovered tonight, is a former commando Royal Engineer who is thought to have moved in next door with his wife Kayley Louise and two children three years ago.

According to SomersetLive, police investigators verified that two children were discovered sleeping upstairs in the same house where their parents were discovered deceased.

Neighbors have also claimed that in the months leading up to their deaths, they were embroiled in a parking dispute with other residents.

The video appears to show an altercation at Chapple’s front door, during which Jenny is referred to as a “cheeky little b****.”

Residents of Dragon Rise’s new-build estate have voiced their dismay at the violence and described their neighborhood as “calm.”

Because of the estate’s narrow and limited parking places, parking rows are thought to be widespread.

The two youngsters that were discovered in the house were reportedly unharmed but distressed.

It’s thought that they were napping when their parents perished.

“I recognized them by sight but didn’t know their names,” one neighbor told SomersetLive. “My dog used to really enjoy the lady.”

Avon and Somerset Police issued the following statement: “On Sunday, two men, ages 34 and 67, were arrested on suspicion of murder.

“Magistrates granted a 34-year-old man an extension to his custody time limit today, while a 67-year-old man was released under investigation to allow for further investigation.

“Cordons remain at two Dragon Rise properties as officers continue to investigate.”

The police force has announced that a voluntary report to the Independent Office for Police Conduct would be made because officers have previously had interaction with the persons involved in the event.

A 67-year-old male was also detained, but later released pending further investigation.


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