Brazilian police witnessed ‘humanoid beings,’ according to translated UFO files from 2008.


Brazilian police witnessed ‘humanoid beings,’ according to translated UFO files from 2008.

According to a 2008 police report, military troops may have had a near contact with aliens.

The document, which details the events of November 19, 2008, discloses the depth of the military inquiry into the incident, which includes reports of “humanoid figures” being seen. Several eyewitness reports, including military officers and civilians, verified the evidence. They all saw an unexplainable phenomenon in the skies above Cláudio, which is about 319 kilometers (198 miles) from Rio de Janeiro.

Ms Renata Veloso called the police after seeing an object fall from the sky “like a lightning bolt” right before a football match between Brazil and Portugal.

“I walked to the window and noticed a giant light object (hexagon) accompanied by two smaller spherical ones that spun under its orbit,” the reporting officer claimed.

“One of the tiny items was silver, and the other was red, like red hot iron (it changed color),” the statement continued.

The street lights began going out block by block as the object reached the Paróquia Nossa Senhora Aparecida, a church near the city’s center, according to witnesses.

The officer gathered a small group of troops, who “began to yell in a state of excitement, anguish, and amazement.”

The object began to “emit powerful light” after some time, according to the report, before rising higher and out of sight.

The officers visited and interrogated military personnel and civilians about the lights that flew over the city that day and the next day, some of whom claimed to have seen miniature “humanoid” people.

According to the account, the entities were pursued by a truck traveling at a leisurely speed of roughly 12 mph across a cane field.

It went on to explain that the entities were able to “slip through the reeds” and thus escaped.

Another eyewitness described items flying at “incalculable speeds,” as if “physics had no limitations.”

They went on to say that the objects flew silently and quickly, and that they appeared to vanish and reappearance in other places.

The most convincing incident, according to the officer, was on November 20, when they claimed to have seen “two light entities, about three feet tall, gliding over the reeds.”

“We were in the Mitsubishi pickup truck driving down a side road when Sgt William observed something in the woods,” according to the report.


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