Brazier: Prince Harry is “determined to blow up remaining bridges” with the Royal Family.


Brazier: Prince Harry is “determined to blow up remaining bridges” with the Royal Family.

GB News commentator Colin Brazier has slammed Prince Harry, claiming that the Duke is “trying to break up remaining bridges” with the rest of the Royal Family.

Colin Brazier of GB News has slammed Prince Harry for his ambitions to write a tell-all memoir about his time as a senior royal. During a furious monologue on Tuesday night, Mr Brazier railed against Harry’s decision to write the memoirs. The GB News presenter attacked the Duke of Sussex by comparing his recent media antics to the recently published obituary of Benny Goodman, a 100-year-old WW2 RAF hero.

“What an antithesis Squadron Leader Goodman’s story is to the self-promotion, Windsor-bashing, and muck-raking of Captain Wales, whose memoirs Goodman put his life on the line for the King repeatedly,” Mr Brazier said.

“For the Queen, the Duke of Sussex will not put a sock in his mouth.”

“Goodman hit targets all over Germany for the renowned Dambusters,” he continued.

“From his stronghold in California, the Duke is preparing to drop truth bombs.

“Goodman, a lifelong anti-Semite, attempted to assassinate Hitler in an air raid on his Bavarian ‘Eagle’s Nest.’

“Harry, who once dressed up as a Nazi for a costume party, sparked his own controversy by making unsubstantiated claims of royal racism.

“With one bomb, Goodman’s Lancaster dropped the largest bomb ever dropped by the RAF, shattering the Arnsberg Viaduct.”

“Harry, having reignited hopes for a royal reconciliation when he and his brother unveiled a statue to their late mother, now appears ready to burn up any remaining bridges with his family,” the GB News host stated.

“Harry’s accepted psychobabble was greeted with a stiff upper lip by Goodman.

“Goodman was a private man, the Duke demanded solitude…. and then offers to work on a personal and heartfelt memoir, according to his publisher.

“However, the Duke of Sussex has a problem that Benny Goodman would recognize.

“Harry is flying dangerously close to the sun. He’s addicted to the oxygen of fame. His bombshells must become bigger and more explosive in order to make an impression. There will eventually be no more revelations. The bomb racks will be devoid of explosives. The culture war Harry and Meghan have agreed to fight will have shifted to new fronts.”

Meghan and Harry’s lucrative TV partnerships may dry up when the “novelty” of their existence wears off, according to royal analyst Daniela Elser. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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