Brazier investigates the ‘greatest cover up of all time’ after a virus was taken offline in the middle of the night.


Brazier investigates the ‘greatest cover up of all time’ after a virus was taken offline in the middle of the night.

In a scathing attack on China, GB NEW host Colin Brazier has dubbed the origins of coronavirus as the world’s “biggest cover-up.” Colin Brazier investigates the ‘greatest cover up of all time’ in Wuhan GB News broadcaster Colin Brazier has criticized the Chinese Communist Party over a potential “cover-up” over the origins of the coronavirus outbreak. Mr. Brazier cited a slew of fresh findings unearthed by US senators, all of which lead to the deadly virus escaping from a Chinese lab in Wuhan. “Covid was not some act of God or product of random evolutionary selection, but the bitter fruit of human error,” according to the GB News presenter.

“A laboratory leak that we might forgive, followed by a Communist Party cover-up that we shouldn’t.” It comes after a study by Republican members of Congress in the United States highlighted concerns about repairs that allegedly took place in a lab in China before to the development of Coronavirus.

According to the House GOP report, the Wuhan facility required “major” improvements to “air safety” and “waste treatment systems” in portions of the structure that are less than two years old.

“The virus database was pulled offline in the middle of the night,” Brazier said, adding that the report “presented new intelligence evidence regarding what was happening at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the Summer of 2019, many months before we had a notion of what atrocities were going to unfold.”

“This time there was a request for an additional million pounds for enhanced security.

“It was the beginnings of the greatest cover-up of all time,” said Mike McCaul, the senior Republican on Washington’s foreign affairs committee. Congressmen in the United States have questioned the improvements that supposedly took place at the Wuhan facility before to the advent of Coronavirus.

“Such significant renovations so soon after the facility began operation appear unusual,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans said. Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel called the renovations at the Chinese lab “suspicious,” telling the channel: “Why would a lab that is only two years old suddenly have issues with waste treatment and air safety?”

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