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Brazen crooks on notorious ‘Jeremy Kyle’ estate filmed breaking into house and lifting TV from window in broad daylight

THIS is the shocking moment two youths brazenly steal a television from a home on a notorious ‘Jeremy Kyle’ estate.

The theft happened yesterday morning on the Page Hall estate in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Page Hall has been slammed by locals in recent months as a ‘Wild West’ estate.

There have been reports of gangs of yobs on the estate repeatedly flouting coronavirus lockdown rules with mass brawls and parties.

In the video, one youth is filmed climbing through the open window of a home on the estate.

His accomplice waits outside with a chair and keeps watch for him as he robs the home.

After just a minute inside the house, the audacious yob exits the window with a stolen giant widescreen television in his hands.

His co-conspirator climbs on to the chair and takes the TV off him.

The accomplice then hurries off down the street with the TV in his hands and the duo flee from the scene.

The shocking clip was filmed by a bystander on the Page Hall estate and social media users could not believe the brazen burglary happened in broad daylight.

Locals have described the behaviour of people on the Page Hall estate as being ‘better than having The Jeremy Kyle Show outside your front door’.

Footage has emerged online of huge unlawful gatherings taking place on the estate, and in May a video surfaced of 50 residents crowding around to watch a brawl.

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