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Brainteaser challenges puzzlers to find the real mouse hidden among the computer mice

The latest brainteaser sweeping the web gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘mouse trap’.

The colourful graphic, designed by UK-based distance learning provider Oxbridge, challenges puzzlers to spot the real mouse hiding among the computer mice – and it may just be the trickiest one yet.

The creators have revealed that the current record stands at an impressive 15 seconds.

So, do you think you can do any better?  


For those receiving their A-Level results today, Oxbridge founder Matt Jones commented: ‘If your grades are higher than you expected, then I would strongly recommend looking at UCAS’ adjustment scheme to check if you might be able to ‘level-up’ your course or university.

‘Good news too if your grades are lower than expected; there are fewer 18-year-olds [going to university] this year than in other years so the UCAS clearing scheme should hopefully have more options available too.’ 

So, are you still struggling to find the real mouse concealed within the school essentials? If you answered ‘yes,’ then try looking towards the top right-hand side of the image. 

For those who give up, scroll down where you’ll find the answer circled in black.

Ever get the feeling someone’s watching you? Well, this brainteaser is doing just that – but can you spot the hiding pair of eyes? 

The tricky brainteaser, created by data protection company, features a pair of cartoon eyes disguised among a sea of similar-looking shapes.   

The creators have revealed it takes the average person between one and one and a half minutes to to spot the hidden object.

So, how long will it take for you to spot the intruder’s eyes? 

The puzzle aims to represent just how difficult it can be to see if someone is ‘looking’ at your personal information online.

It features a series of ID’s, bank cards, social media accounts and other forms of personal data. 

If you’re struggling to spot the spying eyes in the busy graphic, then try looking towards the left-hand-side.

Give up? Scroll down to see the answer highlighted in black.  

Below another busy brainteaser challenges you to find the bumblebee buzzing among the flowers – and it is much trickier than it first appears. 

The puzzle, created by UK-based company Swift Direct Blinds, shows blooms of all colours and shapes, with just a single insect hidden somewhere in the scene.

Creators have revealed that the current record stands at an impressive 63 seconds – so, how long will it take you?

The colourful graphic is probably the closest hayfever sufferers will get to a bunch of flowers, but can you prove yourself to be king or queen bee and find the disguised insect in the quickest time?

If this is the most complicated display of flowers you’ve ever seen, here’s a handy clue. The buzzing bee is sat at the edge of a yellow petal.

Still looking? Before you get to the top left corner – you’ll pass this busy bee along the way.

But don’t fret if you didn’t manage to complete the tricky challenge this time round – as it’s just the latest in a long line of brainteasers sweeping the web. 

As the heatwaves continues and the lockdown measures begin to ease across the UK, many people are booking staycations in order to lap up the sun.

And is helping puzzlers get into the mood by challenging people across the country to spot the hidden seagull in a busy summer-themed illustration.

The brainteaser shows a sky filled with hot air balloons, planes and other objects associated with summer holidays – with the bird sneakily perched on one item.

Many have struggled to solve the puzzle in less than a minute – so, can you set a new record?

Gala Bingo claim many people have been left squinting and struggling to spot the hidden seagull.

Their research found 73 per cent of people had to spend more than 60 seconds searching and 27 per cent gave up before they could find the solo bird.  

If you’re struggling to spot the seaside animal, take a closer look at the clouds towards the bottom of the illustration.  

This brainteaser is just the latest in a stream of puzzles that are difficult to solve. 

Another new brainteaser designed to challenge the internet’s knowledge of chocolate has been released ahead of World Chocolate Day.

Created by Reflect Digital, sweet-toothed players are challenged to solve a series of clues that hint at the famous brands of 50 chocolate bars and sweets.

The busy scene shows a number of quirky scenarios that have inspired the names of Europe’s most popular treats. 

Many have struggled to achieve a perfect score – but, can you complete the challenge? 

The team at Reflect Digital designed the puzzle ahead of World Chocolate Day on July 7. The annual celebration marks the day in 1550, when chocolate was introduced into Europe.

Becky Simms, who is CEO at the digital marketing agency, explained the inspiration behind the puzzle.

She said: ‘Yes, we’ve created another Find 50 game! This time it’s all about the things we all love – chocolate and sweets!

‘Our find 90s quiz was such a huge success so we wanted to challenge people even more with this one, to help entertain people up and down the UK and of course mark World Chocolate Day.’

Among the chocolates hidden in the puzzle are those crafted by Nestle and Cadbury.

Becky added: ‘There are some easy clues to build your confidence and some classic sweets for the confectionary connoisseurs out there, it’s as addictive as chocolate though and it will be impossible to step away from your computer!

‘I am excited to see how many people can find all 50’.

Another tricky seek-and-find puzzle challenges players to find the snake hiding in the jungle.

The brainteaser shows a jungle scene in shades of green, with birds flitting between branches and thick foliage in the background. 

But the single slithering snake is almost impossible to find.  

The brainteaser is the latest creation by children’s illustrator and viral puzzle sensation Gergely Dudás, from Budapest, Hungary, better known as Dudolf, who shared the post on his Facebook page and website. 

The challenging graphic, produced by the illustrator of Fox & Rabbit, prompted fans of Dudolf’s work to say it is ‘very difficult’. 

If you’re looking for a place to start, begin by working from left to right and look closely between the leaves to see if anything is hiding.

Try not to be put off by the vine leaves and parrots as you weave you way through the jungle to find the snake. 

And if you are still struggling, try looking closely at the patterns on the leaves to spot the creature. 

Give up? Then scroll down to find the answer highlighted among the faded jungle scene. 

Another taxing puzzle challenges players to find the lipstick within the lips in a jam-packed graphic.

But with hundreds of pink pouts in the mix, the puzzle, which was created by Professional Beauty Direct, may seem trickier than it first looks. 

Rosie Barrington, Senior Client Handler at InEvexco and Professional Beauty Direct (in West Malling), said: ‘We’ve created this brain teaser ahead of salons starting to reopen next month, depending on the latest Government advice.

‘With the average time set at 15 seconds to complete the game we’re looking forward to seeing the record being beaten.’ 

And if you’re struggling to find the answer, then here’s a clue. 

Feast your eyes towards the top of the image and you may just have a chance of finding the well-concealed object. 

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