Bradley Walsh is enraged after a contestant on The Chase makes a snide remark about his fashion sense on the ITV show.


Bradley Walsh is enraged after a contestant on the ITV show The Chase makes a snide remark about his fashion sense.

Bradley Walsh, host of The Chase, was irritated when Katherine, an upholsterer, mocked his dashing purple suit while competing against The Beast, a.k.a. Mark Labbett.

On Wednesday, The Chase host Bradley Walsh was enraged after the first contestant mocked his suit in front of the entire audience.

On Wednesday’s episode, contestant Katherine was the first to face chaser Mark Labbett – aka The Beast – with the help of her team of Ollie, Carlton, and Sharon.

However, as she made her introductions, Katherine left a sour taste in Bradley’s mouth.

Bradley interrogated her further when she said she’s “very into” upholstery.

“What does that mean – you sit a lot?” he inquired.

“A lot of sitting down, a lot of taking fabric like your suit and covering sofas with it!” Katherine joked.

As the implication of her words set in, an affronted Bradley looked down at his dapper checked purple suit in horror.

“Katherine has really endeared herself by dissing Bradley’s suit! (hashtag)TheChase,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“She does what?” another perplexed fan wondered. “She takes suits and attaches them to sofas?”

Katherine was apprehended by The Beast before she could really get going, having chosen the £8,000 she’d amassed in the Cashbuilder over a low offer of £2,000.

Mark also gave her fellow contestants some stern advice, stating that accepting the lowest offer isn’t always the worst option.

Second-place finisher Ollie, on the other hand, was far more successful after following his advice, and he advanced to the Final Chase after winning £1,000 for the prize pool.

Later in the episode, it was The Beast’s turn to be cruel to Bradley, as the two discussed the origins of the word ‘dexterity,’ which means right-handedness.

“I’m left-handed, my wife’s left-handed, my son’s left-handed…” Bradley chimed in, “I’m left-handed, my wife’s left-handed, my son’s left-handed…” Mark explained that the opposite is “sinister,” which means “left-handed.”

“So your whole family is sinister, then?” Mark clarified with a chuckle, as Brad wrung his hands self-consciously.

“I’m a sinister person then?” said one fan at home, “No wonder I’m the oddball of my family!”

“Mark’s right…,” said another.

“I’m nefarious!” says the narrator.

ITV’s The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm.

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