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Boxhill tradie beats traffic warden to car in Melbourne carpark

A construction worker has narrowly escaped a parking ticket after he sprinted several hundred metres to his car to beat a traffic warden.

Mobile phone footage from a passerby captured the hilarious race as it unfolded at a Boxhill carpark, in Melbourne, on Thursday.  

A traffic warden is seen walking into the lot to inspect the parked cars.

The nearby tradie spots the inspector from down the road and immediately bursts into a run.

He sprints several hundred metres down the street in his hi-vis jacket in a race against time.

The unsuspecting traffic warden slowly inspects the first red car in the parking lot before he dawdles over to the next vehicle.

But before he can check it, the frantic tradie slips into the car and drives off.

Social media users were quick to take to the video and heap praise on the tradie for beating the odds.

‘Keep your distance mr ticket inspector,’ one person said.

Another one commented: ‘I watched this three times for the satisfaction.’ 

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