Both Russia and Israel share a “resolute condemnation” of anti-Semitism and “all expressions of xenophobia,” according to Putin.


By Jonny Tickle

That’s according to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, who, on Monday, wrote a Telegram to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to congratulate him on the 30th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

“Over the past decades, Russia and Israel have gained considerable experience in fruitful cooperation in many areas, as well as partnership in resolving major international issues,” Putin wrote. “We are united by a resolute rejection of anti-Semitism, any manifestations of xenophobia and ethnic strife, as well as any attempts to falsify history and revise the outcome of World War II.”

According to Putin, the joint efforts of the governments in Moscow and Jerusalem will help ensure the “fundamental interests” of both capitals, helping to “promote peace, security, and stability in the Middle East,” he said.

Bennett is due to visit Russia on October 22.

The Prime Minister assumed office in June this year, following an agreement that will see Israel’s leadership rotate to coalition partner Yair Lapid in two years. Following Bennett’s signing in, Putin sent a similar message, calling on the two nations to “combat the glorification of Nazism, denial of the Holocaust and the Red Army’s decisive contribution to the victory.”

Last year, during a trip to Jerusalem, Putin called for politicians to stop using the Holocaust for “posturing,” calling it the duty of “current and future” leaders to “protect the good names of heroes.”

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